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The list below includes previous PRI webinars on the theme of Driving Meaningful Data, all available to watch on demand.

Past webinars

Investing for sustainability outcomes in emerging markets

Global SDG investment shows some progress, but remains far from the target to meet the $2.5 trillion annual financing gap for developing countries. 

Linking net-zero target setting to real world outcomes

As investor net-zero targets and commitments gather momentum, this session will explore how investors can link their target setting to sustainability outcomes.

Accounting for Climate: The Numbers Investors Need

Investors are calling out for hard information on the financial impacts climate change will have on companies. The financials define profitability and drive executive remuneration, so ensuring they properly reflect climate-related risks is crucial.

Accounting for Climate: assessing climate risk in company financial statements

Meeting the climate goals envisioned by the Paris Agreement requires the reallocation of capital to low carbon investments. To achieve this, investors need better information about the effects of climate-related risks on company financial statements today. 

Corporate sustainability disclosure: what do investors need?

This session will investigate what information investors need to incorporate ESG issues in their investment decisions and assess the sustainability performance of corporate entities.