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The list below includes previous PRI webinars on the theme of Climate & Nature Action, all available to watch on demand.


Biodiversity and Infrastructure Investing: Managing Risk and Enhancing Value

Expectations on the finance sector’s role in safeguarding biodiversity and natural capital continue to grow but this complex topic can sometimes be challenging to navigate…

Science-Based Target Setting on Biodiversity

Many companies are already setting climate science based targets (SBTs) to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Companies are now also considering nature science based targets in order to operate within planetary boundaries…

Biodiversity: What are the pathways for priority sectors and what are investors doing?

During this webinar, the PRI will reveal findings from a report on Investor Action on Biodiversity, and the World Economic Forum will provide insight into research on The Future of Nature and Business.


Deforestation as a Credit Risk

Deforestation is often discussed because of its impact on carbon dioxide emissions and soil erosion, as well as the destruction of forest habitat and displacement of indigenous communities.

Preventing the Next Pandemic: How Can Investors Manage Deforestation Risks?

During this webinar, we will discuss the link between deforestation and viruses such as Covid-19. We will also provide insights into which assessment tools are currently available to investors to better manage deforestation risk…

Climate Policy

The Inevitable Policy Response 2021: Forecast Policies

This webinar will provide an update on The Inevitable Policy Response, a pioneering project commissioned by the PRI. The event will include an overview of The Inevitable Policy Response followed by a deeper…

Webinar 4 – Setting the ambition: What does this mean for investors

With speakers including Sagarika Chatterjee, Director, PRI / David Harris, Head of Sustainable Business, London Stock Exchange Group & FTSE Russell…

Climate Reporting

TCFD: New Publications on Risk Management and Climate Scenarios

With pressure to address climate change continuing to build, there is a growing need for updated and improved guidance on how investors and companies can manage risks and better position themselves for…

Accounting for Climate: The Numbers Investors Need

With speakers Mark Carney, COP 26 Finance Adviser and UN Special Envoy Sue Lloyd, Vice-Chair, International Accounting Standards Board…