PRI Digital Forum: Spotlight Series

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The Spotlight Series provides a chance for discussion and debate with sustainable finance experts from around the world. Each event will focus on a particular theme, enabling in-depth conversation and reflection on the most important issues facing responsible investors.

PRI Digital Forum:
Climate & Nature Action

May 2021

The forum will draw together the topics of climate change and biodiversity loss, highlighting the actions responsible investors can take to achieve progress in both areas.

Expert speakers will share their views and take your questions on subjects including climate policy advocacy, nature-based solutions, net zero emissions strategies and deforestation.

PRI Digital Forum:
Sustainability Outcomes

June 2021

Investors’ actions shape positive and negative outcomes in the world. The PRI Digital Forum on Sustainability Outcomes will highlight ways in which investors can increase positive outcomes and decrease negative outcomes through their investment decisions, stewardship and policy engagement. Discussions will include the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, stewardship strategies, and the regulatory framework for achieving sustainability outcomes in the European Union.

Drawing on perspectives from around the globe, the Digital Forum will provide a platform for discussion and debate on the critical role of responsible investors in driving sustainability outcomes. Register now to secure your place.